Usage Rules


General Conditions

You should make your check-in after 3:00PM.

You should make your check-out before 11:00AM.

The receptcionist will deliver the keys upon arrival of guests. usually, delivery will be made in the House, after being given all the explanations and clarifications about the internal regulation and the use of the house. An extra delivery can be made in another place, since if it´s considered no long the need to go to the house. The key should be delivered on departure, being delivered to the receptionist or at a location to match.

In the price meals aren´t included. If requested, we should be able to deliver food for breakfast confection, such as bread, cakes, milk, coffee, tea, juice, fruit, butter, cheese, sausage, ham and chocolate, for an additional fee.

The general cleaning, including bed sheets and towels changening, will be made before the arrival of new guests and at least twice a week, whenever the guest requests and whenever there is a change of hosts.


Internal Regulation

Pets are not allowed.

Our guests can use the barbecue area freely between 11AM and 10:30PM.

Air Conditioning
Our houses have good acclimatization. If needed we have heating equipment available to our guests.

Outside Guests
Every guest has the right to invite a friendly person to the common areas of the lot. Visiting hours are from 7 AM to 10 PM.

For safety reasons, children up to 12 years old should be at all times under the supervision of an adult.

Property Damage
All guests must ensure the proper use and maintenance of the infrastructure, equipments and utensils of the unit as well as the lot, under the penalty of being responsible for the damages caused.

The electrical voltage is 230v.

All of our Lodges are equiped with linens, bathing towels, cable TV and kitchen utensils.

We have a free parking lot available to all our guests in the zones destined to it.

It's not allowed to smoke inside the houses.

Fire Protection
Each unit is equipped with a fire protection system, which includes a fire extinguisher (located in public areas) and a fire blanket (located in the kitchen).

This lot offers a free wireless internet  connection to our guests.

Upon request.

Instruction Manuals
The instruction manuals are available in the kitchen cabinets.

Payment Methods
The means of payment will be cash or check.

Noise Policy
Our guests should respect the quiet period, between 10:30PM and 8AM (during the summer) and between 9:30PM and 8AM (during the winter).

First-aid Kit
Each unit is equipped with a first aid kit, available in the main entrance to each house.

Complaints Book
In this lot there is a complaints book, available at the reception.

Price Chart
Home prices will be fixed, by management in January of each year. The updated price table is attached to the rules book. In case of reservations made before the upgrade price, the amount charged will be the one at the time of booking. Prices include bed clothing, towels and their respective changing, water, electricity, firewood and the use of the space selected on the reservation.



Booking conditions

Reservations may be made, no longer than one year before the occupation.

Effective Reservation
The reservation will become effective after the payment of 50% of the total amount of the stay and the correct completion of the guest record sheet, duly signed and accompanied by a copy of the citizen’s ID card or passport. The remaining 50% will be paid when the keys are delivered.

The payment for the effective reservation may be made either by bank transfer, being the IBAN emailed upon confirmation of the booking, or by sending a check payable to “Ecorismo – Empreendimentos Turísticos”.

Necessary Data

To fill the guest sign-in sheet the following information is required: full name, address, phone number, a copy of the Citizen’s ID card or Passport, nationality and country of residence.

Booking Change

The situations in which, after the effective reserve, there is a decreasing in the number of nights originally expected are considered reservation change. The effective reserve changes comply with the following standards:

  • From 30 to 6 days prior the occupation: Return of 50% of the amount paid;
  • From 5 days until the day of the check-in: No return of the amount paid.


All situations, in which, after the effective reserve, full withdrawal occurs, are considered a dropout. The effective reserve withdrawals meet the following standards:

  • From 30 to 6 days prior the occupation: Return of 50% of the total amount of the reservation;
  • From 5 days until the day of the check-in: No return is in place.


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